At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of the interaction between population change, strategic planning and property markets.

At Quantify, we are committed to delivering strategic solutions that are grounded in robust research, ensuring our clients receive the most up-to-date and valuable advice possible.

In an increasingly uncertain environment, understanding the complex factors impacting your project, is essential to its success.

Combining our unique research capabilities, together with our customised datasets and strategic insight, Quantify can provide you with nuanced and unparalleled advice.

In drawing on our vast experience, industry knowledge, unique, complementary skills and research capability, Quantify offers a variety of services to both private and public sector clients across the country.

Population Forecasting

Quantify undertakes population forecasting at all geographic levels, including national, capital city, local government, and small areas. Our point of difference lies in the application of our detailed understanding of how property market dynamics influence the supply side, so that our forecasts work from both a theoretical basis and a practical, ‘real world’ perspective.

Property Economics

With a detailed understanding of the supply and demand dynamics impacting the Australian property market, Quantify offers a range of services to property investors, developers and government stakeholders. Our forecast capability means that your project can be placed in the context of the future market outlook.

Social & Demographic Research

Our social and demographic research provides detailed insights into the complex patterns and relationships between individuals, communities, societies, and property markets, and how these change over time.

Spatial Analysis

Drawing on our GIS capabilities, Quantify applies a range of techniques to analyse and understand the spatial relationships and patterns between geographical features and the attributes. These techniques are used for a variety of purposes including map creation, spatial clustering, and network analysis.

Strategic Project Advice

Combining our understanding and experience in property, planning and population, Quantify regularly provides strategic project advice to a range of both private and public sector clients.

This approach ensures that our clients are provided with high-quality and nuanced advice from the outset.

Housing Strategies

Quantify has been involved in several housing strategies for a number of local councils in both metropolitan and regional contexts. Applying a detailed understanding of local residential markets, planning policy frameworks, and our highly regarded forecasting capabilities, ensure successful, implementable strategies.