About Us

Passionate about the dynamics of population and demographic change, Quantify’s expertise lies in understanding how these intersect with property markets and urban policy in shaping our cities and towns.

Angie Zigomanis

Angie’s experience spans over 25 years working across two of Australia’s major independent economic and property consultancies, analysing and forecasting property markets. His keen understanding of population and demographic trends enables him to identify trends before they enter mainstream commentary, as well as underpinning the accuracy of his forecasts.

Angie has worked for both government and private sector. Projects include: population and demographic forecasts supporting the sale of government infrastructure assets, population forecasts to assist Local Councils with service provision and land use planning, retail catchment analysis and growth forecasts for major retailers, and rent and price forecasts to assist developers with their development decision.

Angie’s views and outlooks have been regularly reported in the media. He participates in one-on-one workshops to help clients with their strategic planning, as well as having been a keynote speaker at various industry events, including those hosted by the Urban Development Institute of Australia, Property Council of Australia and the Australian Property Institute.

Rob Burgess

With almost three decades of professional experience, Rob has had a variety of public and private sector roles, including in strategic planning, property research, development management and urban economics.

Rob’s expertise lies in his understanding of the relationship between population, planning and property, and has a detailed understanding of the social and economic forces impacting these.

With vast experience in developing project research methods and strategies, Rob is committed to working with his clients to find solutions to the most challenging questions.Whether it be for major retailers, health and well-being providers, local councils, state government departments, residential developers, or not-for-profit agencies,

Rob draws on his astute insight and generalist skills to provide informed and unique advice. He is regularly sought after to provide his insights at industry forums, conferences, project workshops, and boardroom strategy sessions.