Quantify’s unique skills and expertise can be applied to assist your organisation, whatever your industry sector.

Local Government

By leveraging its expertise in data analytics and its deep understanding of urban planning and property markets, Quantify assists Councils’ plan for the needs of its current and future populations.

Whether it be forecasting dwelling requirements, determining housing capacity, planning for service delivery, or prioritising infrastructure programs, Quantify provides the answers to help you make better decisions.


Combining its population forecasting, planning and property expertise, Quantify assists retailers optimise their business by identifying where, and importantly when, to locate.

We prepare custom population and household forecasts, that together with the application of location intelligence data, and an understanding of retail property
markets, generate reliable, evidence-based insights.


Quantify’s population, demographic and market expertise provide valuable input to its developer clients by providing evidence-based insights to help them optimise their projects.

Whether you need to understand local demographic trends, buyer preference, competing products, market conditions, or strategic project advice, Quantify has the skills and experience to assist you.


Whether it be for the purposes of location analysis, site identification, funding applications, campus master planning, accommodation needs, or capital works programming, Quantify’s tailored demographic assessments provide will enable more detailed understanding of your project needs.

Social Infrastructure

Whether it be health & medical, aged-care, or child care, the provision of social infrastructure facilities is fundamental to the social and economic well-being of our society.

As the demographics of our cities and towns continue to shift, understanding these is imperative for the planning and delivery of much-need services and facilities into the future.

Utilities and Infrastructure

High levels of population growth are placing unprecedented levels of demand on our utilities and infrastructure.

One of the major challenges facing infrastructure providers is understanding where and when the need for services will arise. At Quantify, our pragmatic and real-world understanding of population growth provides a more informed basis from which future infrastructure requirements can be planned.